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Multi-Pitch Adventures

Eldorado Canyon

Climb the world famous Eldorado Canyon, arguably the primire multi-pitch destination in Colordo.


Boulder is known nationawide for its many excellent climbing venues. All are easily acessed fom the town of Boulder, or from Denver.

Clear Creek Canyon

Looking for a multi-pitch adventure near Denver or Bouler, Clear Creek is easily acessed from either, and hosts beautiful, adventurous  climbing.

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is rock climber’s paradise. With more than 8,000 routes in the park, there’s something for everybody. Widely considered one of the premier rock climbing destinations in the US, climbing with Apex Mountain School at Joshua Tree National Park offers an unforgettable adventure.

Cathedral Spires

Home to some of Colorado’s best multi-pitch crack climbs, Cathedral Spires climbing provides the perfect mix of adventure and challenge, and is a great next level climb for those with an ntermeditate level of xperince.

Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument is a beautiful and awe-inspiring historical multi-pitch location. The climbing is adventure-style, with expansive views of the valley below the multi-pitch routes.


Moab, Utah is an amazing place to escape the daily grind and play in a desert paradise. Moab is an excellent setting for an unforgettable multi-adventure vacation.


Thailand has something for every level of rock climber, from single pitch sea climbs to multi-pitch traditional routes and even deep-water soloing. The limestone cliffs that line the beaches are home to truly unique and unforgettable formations. These photogenic cliffs have a wide range of climbing grades that readily accommodate beginners through seasoned climbers.